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Changes and Updates to New Jersey Law About Marijuana

We have reached that day that many have waited for. A new law in New Jersey has legalized recreational marijuana. New Jersey celebrated the grand opening of two apothecaries on April 21st; a drive-thru version of the third will open later this year.

When the stores opened, hundreds of people were waiting in line. As of now, New Jersey residents can buy up to one ounce of marijuana per purchase.

Either ingestible or inhalable products are available.

Ingestible Products

It is pertinent to note the difference between edibles and ingestible. New Jersey still forbids the sale of edible products. Any product that resembles food is considered edible. The packaging cannot appeal to children or teens in any way.

Two issues arose before the new bill went to the house for voting. First, the lack of funds to build a commercial kitchen that could be regulated for quality control that was up to code held construction back. Second, the politicians opposing medical-grade marijuana because they did not want children to consume it accidentally were fighting for edibles to be illegal.

The thought process behind this is that the edibles’ packaging makes the treats look more enticing. Emblems of animals and other child-friendly pictures are on the front of these products. On top of how yummy the edible already looks, they did not want any accidents to happen, hence the ban on edibles.

A person can’t possess more than six ounces of marijuana. Gummies, syrups, resins, oils, and other products are for sale. As long as you don’t exceed 1 ounce per sale and visit, you can buy a few of each, a little of everything, or one product at a time.

Inhalable Products

You can inhale cannabis products in flowers, vaporizers, or solid forms. To make a purchase, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid state ID or driver’s license.

You have legal access to medical marijuana. Apothecaries are required to record information such as your name, phone number, and address. 

New Jersey law

New Jersey Law Violations about Marijuana

In New Jersey, now that the recreational use of marijuana is legal, the rules remain confusing. And the memorandum about the new law can be pretty hard to read. How do you know what is legal and what isn’t? 

Here’s a brief overview of what NOT to do:

  • At no point should you attempt to purchase more than one ounce of marijuana at a time.
  • You are not allowed to have more than six ounces of marijuana on you at any given time.
  • It’s recommended that you smoke or consume your marijuana at home, not in public. Doing so in public will still constitute intoxication.
  • Don’t drive while high. When you use it, your reflexes dull significantly, and you could injure yourself or someone else.
  • Purchases for minors are not allowed.
  • Make purchases for yourself only.
  • Marijuana purchased from an individual not affiliated with one of the two apothecaries or not purchased in a store is still illegal.
  • Selling personal marijuana is not legal. The law prohibits it.
  • Do not cross state lines with marijuana, even if it was purchased legally. Not all states have legalized recreational marijuana.

If you follow these simple suggestions above, you should be good to go. But if something happens and you need legal assistance, Leon Matchin is there to help you through a scary time.

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