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“I come from a family of police officers, from the FBI, Police department, and department of corrections.My son was forced to defend himself, and had to go to court. I was highly impressed with the way he handled everything in a very difficult case.The incident happen in the state of N.J. as my son and I live in another state.One of my neighbors is an attorney and even he was impressed. If you choose Mr, Matcin you are making an excellent choice.” -Anonymous

“From the first time I talked to Leon, based on a referral from another lawyer, his approach to my case was one of sincerity, a positive attitude, professionalism and knowledge of legal proceedings. One of the strongest recommendations I can give about Leon is from the judge who heard my case in which the judge stated in open court that Leon, who he has interacted with on many cases from various municipalities within his jurisdiction, is a very good lawyer I would change that by saying Leon is an “excellent” lawyer. At my initial meeting with Leon, he was able to, in a clear and comforting manner, outline the potential paths we could take along with the potential outcomes for each. He continually provided reassurance of what he would be able to produce, a much lesser sentence from which I was initally charged, of which he did. The reason for this in my opinion, besides his understanding of the law, is due to his knowledge of the local court system and his professional relationships with the judge and prosecutor. I highly recommend Leon and would not hesitate to use him again.” -Anonymous

“Has an excellent experience with Attorney Matchin during a recent interaction with the Woddbridge NJ court system. After researching local attorneys, I decided to retain Leon and could not be happier with the results. First, his fee…straight forward with a promise that it would be a “start to finish” retainer with no surprises and there were none. Second, his knowledge of the judges and their particular tendencies was very assuring. Third, his willingness to “jump right in” (I contacted him only one day before the court date) was highly appreciated. Fourth, his communication was impeccable not only providing timely updates on the process but also offering guidance on the potential and/or likely outcomes reassuring me at every step. Finally, his follow through was both highly organized and very thorough, making sure each of the necessary steps were taken at each juncture and staying on top of everything from the initial appearance to the final dismissal of the case. And I never had to step foot in the court! Leon took care of everything. Hats off and much thanks!”- William

“Leon’s expertise and knowledge helped us make it through a difficult time. He was extremely professional as well as compassionate and he reduced our stress level immensely. I would highly recommend Leon.” -Anonymous

“Leon is a rare gem! He listens to his clients because he cares!!! When I first met Leon several years ago it was through a Realtors recommendation. However, our relationship has grown into a great friendship!” -Anthony

“After receiving a summons for going at a rate of speed on a New Jersey Highway that could’ve ended with a loss of license or possible incarceration, Leon was very effective in preventing either of those things from happening . I have recommended him to others and he has been very helpful for them as well I highly recommend him!!!” -D.M.

“would use his services again without question,but hope never have to. involved in an accident, received 6 tickets and he got them dropped to 1” -Scott

“Did a great job of reviewing my charge and informing me of the best options moving forward. Put a lot of time and effort into my case to help me obtain the most optimal resolution. Hopefully wont be needed him again, but wouldn’t hesitate to use Leon for defending future legal proceedings. Also showed care and concern on a personal level.” -Karl

“I strongly recommend Attorney Leon to anyone who thinks he/her faith is lost and no hope in legal matters. He is there to change your destiny for good when your hope is lost. He safe me from going to jail. He is therefore recommended for your legal issues.” -Isaac

“MY son had got into trouble i i really needed the best went few top named laweres who hade lavish offices 20 lawyers on staff . and was promised the world . But i knew what we where faceing .Then i was lucky to find mr matchin . From the start told me what he could do for us he was honest did not misslead us. our case took about 1 year from start to finish .He keep us up to date with everthing that was going on whith the case .you really cant ask for better at the end results where better then i ever could have imagened.
He all so helped me on another occasion in traffic court . Iwould not dream of having any other then him by my side if you have to go before a judge YOU should not either .
P.S I have recomended MR .Matchin to several people and every one came back to me to thank me every time there are thousands of lawyers out there but only one like this at the end all i have to say if you need a lawyer there is only one to consider Leon Matchin” -Sam

“Leon helped my wife to fight a supposed violation, for which she received three tickets at once. We are happy with the outcome – no points, relatively low fine. Happy to recommend Leon to everybody.” -Mik

“Leon kept me up to date on all the proceedings and changes to the schedule. I was fond of this since it helped me schedule around the court dates as they changed. He is well known in the East Brunswick court system and all the proceedings went as planned. I would use his services again.” -Mike


“Leon was extremely professional and handled everything in an accurate timely fashion. My family appreciates your help!” -Claudia

“I have relied on Leon for legal assistance for the past several years and I have always been extremely happy with his services. I have referred Leon to friends and employees and I will continue to do so in the future. Leon has taken care of me in such a professional and caring way that it makes me feel confident that he always has my best interest at heart.” -Tim

“The police walked up to me while I was at a convenience store and asked me if I had been drinking. They had no reason to approach me and I knew I had been profiled. I hired Leon Matchin. Once on the case Leon went to work. He subpoenaed the store surveillance video amongst other things. He really knew how to handle the Court. Although at first we received a guilty, thru Leon’s quick wit and sharp mind he negotiated an appeal. The court had me going to jail and losing my license for 10 years which would have certainly ruined my long haul trucking career, my life and the lives of my three children, but, we won the appeal with a complete reversal of any previous judgements . Leon had saved the day and my life. If you need help like I did, hire Leon and find out how he did it. Thanks Leon !” -Dave

“Great lawyer-very trustworthy and would recommend him strongly. Friendly and knowledgeable in his line of work. He helped me with my shoplifting case and I was very grateful to have had him as my lawyer.” -Richard

“Leon helped me during an unfortunate time. He was professional, compassionate and went the extra mile. I came out with the best possible outcome and would definitely use his services again as well as refer him to friends and family in need.” -Victoria

“I hired Leon Matchin to represent my son involving a driver’s license suspension case due to more than 12 driving record points. After the exchange of documents, emails, and phone conversations over a few days, Leon petitioned the court to reopen a past traffic ticket case. Leon had found some irregularities and felt the court might amend their decision.

My son and Leon went to court, got the decision amended to a lessor no points violation and several hundred dollar reduction in the fine. The suspension notice was vacated. Leon is now looking at my son’s total driving history and feels that another irregularity from four years ago might also be adjusted favorably to reduce more points.

Leon is easy to talk to and always was available by phone or email. He was always in communication with me and my son.” -Tom

“Best decision we made was retaining Leon for our legal situation. He was able to get charges dismissed and glad we trusted him!” -Bob

“I happened upon Leon Matchin’s name and contact information while searching the web for an attorney. I trully feel as if lady luck shined her light on me when I found Mr. Matchin and began working with him. Leon is a wonderful attorney; professional, responsive, knowledgable, and most importantly, effective and successful. I have worked with other attoneys in the past and can only say if I had been able to work with Mr. Matchin in the first place I wouldn’t have needed additonal legal assistance. If you need a lawyer, I URGE you to use Leon Matchin, he is amazing!” -Michael

“Leon is very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful and kind. He has helped my family with motor vehicle violations and I’ve referred several of my clients to him. He is always responsive and friendly. I highly recommend his legal services.” -Helen

“I was in contact with several lawyers in my area trying to get an idea of how much it would cost to retain an attorney. Mr. Matchin was not the first lawyer I spoke to, but he answered all my questions thoroughly and gave me all the same answers as lawyers quoting double his retaining fees, so I hired him.

We had to make four separate court appearances, and each time he would speak to the prosecutor for me and update me on what was happening, and what could happen. He made himself available via phone, e-mail, and text, which was important to me. Although he told me I should not expect my charges to be dropped, he was knowledgeable and competent enough that this was exactly what happened.” -Kathryn

“Leon is a real pro! I’m in the insurance business and I deal with Attorneys frequently. Leon is by far one of the best communicators I’ve come across in a long time. He responds to phone calls, e-mails and text messages immediately. His rates are reasonable and the results are excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of representation for a moving violation. He made the process so simply. Thanks Leon!” -Barry

“I received 4 summons which pointed at a suspension of my license for a year, i had a court date and the prosecutor recommended to postpone my hearing and an attorney. After some research I found Leon Matchin, he was very friendly and answered all my question prior to being hired! I hired him the very next day and my end result in court was 3 of my 4 summons dismissed and I only had to pay $189 for one of the summons, no suspension or points! Worked really well for me. Thank you Leon!! I will definitely recommend, in fact I took his business card just so I can pass it out to friends and family. Cant go wrong with LEON!” -Omais

“I have already started referring him to everyone I know. I was amazed that it all went so well. He did his best to ease my soul, and got me through it pretty unscathed. Very well informed about the system. He met all expectations, and handled it like he said. It all worked out better than expected.” -Keith

“My experience with Leon Matchin was nothing but flawless. He is extremely personable, trustworthy, knowledge, down to earth, and made me feel confident and comfortable. He was able to get my charges lessened, and saved me a lot of grief and frustration. Leon even checked in on me before the court dates to make sure I was feeling ok, and just to put my mind at ease. It was very nice to feel not forgotten (knowing I was not his only client) and truly cared about. You can expect caring and compassion , as well someone who really gets down to business to get the job done gracefully and without a hitch! If any of my friends or family were to ever need any legal guidance, I would, without question, recommend Leon. I will be continuing to work with Leon to get my charges removed from my record. I am beyond happy with the representation I was given, and cannot say enough wonderful things about this attorney.” -Anonymous

“I was facing serious charges related to a DUI including Refusal to Take a Breathalizer and Reckless Driving in a School Zone. I contacted Mr. Matchin after being referred by a friend and told that he specialized in these types of cases. He met with me right away and almost immediately I was comfortable with his manner of speaking. From day one he was honest with me about what I could expect with the case. We discussed the scenarios the charges could bring in court and how we would respond defensively. Of course I was nervous but because of his experience and expertise in DUI cases I felt very confident in what he told me about how much one should be charged by an attorney for defense in a DUI charge, how serious the charges were, what the penalties were and what could happen if I was convicted of any or all of the charges. He always made himself available if I had any question or concerns and prepared me well for each time I appeared in court. The most serious charge I was facing was Refusal to Take a Breathalizer which carries a penalty of loss of license for a year or more in addition to the DUI/DWI which could carry a penalty of loss of license for 6 months for the first offense, which this was my first offense. Mr. Matchin achieved the best possible outcome for me which was 90 days loss of license. I am grateful to Mr. Matchin for the hard work and effort he put into my case. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in a similar situation.” -Rebecca

“Leon is an excellent lawyer! He is one of the most accepting non-judgmental people I know. He is committed to helping his clients and is very successful at doing so! I really like this man and I am proud to have him as a friend and colleague.” -Joan

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