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Three Habits to Help You Avoid a Marijuana DUI

A marijuana DUI is a serious stain on your record, but it’s entirely avoidable. A few simple habits and early preparations can help you stay safe and preserve your reputation. They aren’t difficult, but they’re vital for medical marijuana users trying to protect their rights. Even though marijuana use is legal in New Jersey for both medical uses and recreational uses, driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal.

Take Your Medication at a Regular Time

Taking your medication on a set schedule helps you avoid a marijuana DUI in two ways. First, it helps you avoid a situation where you may be tempted to toke and drive. When you take your medication on a particular day at a specific time, it’s much easier to schedule around. It’s also best to take medical marijuana in the afternoon or evening after you get home from work and errands. You can relax in the privacy of your home.

A regular schedule may also help you deal with false positives based on traces of your medication in your bloodstream. You may be able to demonstrate how your body processes marijuana over time by replicating the tests at set increments. The longer you keep to your schedule, the more witnesses you may have as well. If someone sees you take a specific number of doses, you can help prove your innocence by combining witness testimony with your remaining doses. At the very least, your schedule demonstrates conscientious medical marijuana use.

Only Take Your Medication at Home

Unless you are spending a week with a friend or family member, it’s best to always keep your medication at home. Taking marijuana at home helps avoid situations where you might end up having to drive under the influence. If you are transporting your marijuana in your car, make sure you are only carrying the legal amount of six ounces.

Prepare for Trouble in Advance

Although it’s unfortunate, one of the best ways to prevent a marijuana DUI conviction is to prepare for charges in advance. Even if you’re a very responsible user who never drives while under the influence, bias and outdated testing methods can make you look guilty. Prosecutors still use positives from blood and urine tests designed to find trace elements of marijuana left in the blood long after the high has passed. This system works well for identifying illegal marijuana users. However, it is not an effective way to determine how high the subject is at the time of testing. If you consume medical marijuana, you should choose an attorney now. Don’t wait until you’re under pressure to find the best option.

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