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While you can represent yourself in court, having a lawyer on your side is always beneficial. No matter how large or small the case, a defense attorney can help defend your rights and ensure you have the best odds for a successful trial. Not only will your attorney represent you in court, but they also have valuable knowledge about the criminal justice system that will help you navigate paperwork, hearings, and other appointments. With a defense attorney fighting for you, you can better understand the specifics of your case and the best way to defend yourself.

Defense Attorney for Traffic Violations

Most drivers will get some kind of ticket for violating a traffic law. Whether it’s for speeding or drunk driving, a defense attorney can help. Traffic violations vary in the severity of the charge and the punishment. Having a lawyer on your side can help reduce or even drop charges filed against you. And if you are convicted of a traffic violation, a good attorney can help limit the harsh penalties that are often applied.

Defense Attorney for DUI

DUIs are a particularly tricky violation to face. Because the charge changes based on your previous driving record and any other violations, it’s crucial to have a DUI defense attorney to make sense of things. The more you understand about your case, the better you and your lawyer can work to defend you in court. 

Defense Attorney for Criminal Charges

When you face a criminal charge, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the process. Even if you were not arrested or taken into custody, you can still face severe penalties and harsh punishments if convicted of an indictable offense. A defense attorney specializes in helping their clients navigate a criminal charge. There are many different indictable and disorderly offenses that a lawyer can help with.

Under the Influence of CDS

While many substances have become legal in New Jersey, many more are still illegal or under strict regulations. If you are found to be in possession of illegal substances, you could face jail time, high fees, and even community service hours. A defense attorney for CDS-related cases could help lower the charges and penalties you face. 

Domestic Violence

When household arguments or situations get out of hand, things sometimes become violent. Domestic violence is a serious issue in New Jersey, and you could face severe penalties if convicted. Working with a defense attorney for domestic violence cases can help ensure your rights are protected during a trial or hearing. It’s easy to feel flustered and frustrated during these cases, so it’s crucial to have someone who can keep calm and help you navigate the process with a cool head.


Other cases of assault are treated just as seriously in New Jersey courts of law. A defense attorney can use the situation leading up to the assault to help defend your case for the court to potentially lower or drop the charges. In some instances, an assault charge is also accompanied by other offenses, such as disorderly conduct. Each charge needs to be taken into consideration and fought against to ensure you have the most successful outcome.

defense attorney

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Resisting Arrest

When facing a criminal charge and arrest, it’s human nature to panic and want to resist. But resisting arrest is a criminal offense on its own. If you are charged with resisting arrest, it only adds to the fear and frustration you may feel. Talking to a defense attorney about the situation could help them defend you better in court. For example, if you were resisting arrest because the officer was not in uniform and didn’t announce their intentions, it’s easy to understand why you would react the way you did. Law enforcement officers need to follow their own rules and regulations. If they don’t, a defense attorney can help protect your rights while defending your case.

Defense Attorney for Expungements

If you were charged or convicted of a criminal offense, it stays on your record for a lifetime. However, you can work with your attorney to get the charge or conviction expunged. Expungements for offenses require certain timelines to be met before you can apply. But once that time is up, you and your lawyer can work to get your record clean once more. And with a clean record, you can improve your odds of getting a job, seeking higher education, and receiving financial support for large purchases.

Do You Really Need a Defense Attorney?

While you can represent yourself in court and thus don’t legally need an attorney, you should always try to seek one out when possible. Laws are complicated, and cases with criminal charges can quickly spiral out of control. If you don’t have the knowledge and experience of dealing with criminal laws in New Jersey, you could face maximum charges and severe penalties. 

However, defense attorneys in New Jersey do know how to navigate the court process. They can help you organize your documents, gather evidence, and build a solid defense for your case. Even if you are convicted, an attorney could help reduce the charges and lower the harshness of your punishments. 

Where to Find a Defense Attorney in New Jersey

If you face criminal charges, a defense attorney is your best bet for a quick and successful trial. Attorney Leon Matchin has devoted his practice to helping his clients navigate the court process after an arrest or charge. Whether you’re dealing with a traffic violation or something more severe, Attorney Matchin is here to help. Call his office today at (833) 732-7320 or email him at [email protected] to schedule a consultation about your case.