Alcohol-Impaired DriverSome people who get arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol simply made a poor decision, learn their lesson, and never drive after drinking again in the future. However, not everyone takes this lesson away from their case and they may roll the dice in the future and choose to get behind the wheel again while impaired – maybe even repeatedly. This is especially true for individuals who may struggle with their alcohol use and may regularly have impaired judgment when it comes to things such as drinking and driving.

In addition, some DUI defendants may have had just one too many drinks that set them just above the legal limit of 0.08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC), even though they may not have felt impaired. On the other hand, some people are arrested with a much higher BAC – one that indicates they were very impaired while driving.

Because drinking and driving presents such a risk to other motorists on the road, law enforcement agencies take repeat DUI cases and high-BAC cases very seriously. Many agencies and organizations refer to such offenders as “hardcore alcohol-impaired drivers” or “hardcore drunk drivers” (HCDD). There is even a National Hardcore Drunk Driver Project set forth by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, which advocates for significantly harsher consequences for defendants categorized as HCDDs.

New Jersey already has specific laws regarding so-called hardcore drunk drivers, including increased penalties for higher BACs and increased penalties for multiple offenses. For example, compare the following maximum sentences for DUI convictions in NJ:

1st DUI

  • 3-month license suspension
  • 30 days in jail
  • $400 fine

1st DUI over 0.10 BAC

  • Up to 1-year license suspension
  • 30 days in jail
  • $500 fine

2nd DUI within 10 years

  • 2-year license suspension
  • Ignition interlock device
  • Up to 90 days in jail
  • $1,000 fine

3rd DUI within 10 years

  • 10-year license suspension
  • Ignition interlock device
  • 180 days in jail
  • $1,000 fine

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