Restricted LicenseIn New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) can suspend your driver’s license for many different reasons, sometimes even without your knowledge that your license has been suspended. DWI convictions, traffic violation points, unpaid MVC fees, failure to pay child support, and failure to appear at a court date are all common reasons why you may lose your driving privileges in NJ.

No matter what the reason behind your license suspension may be, there will certainly be various and often costly steps you must take to get your license back. Often, this involves paying fines and then paying costly surcharges to the MVC for the next three years. Many residents of New Jersey cannot afford to pay these surcharges and, therefore, do not pursue getting their license back.

In the meantime, not having a driver’s license can make it extremely difficult to get to and from work. Many people who lose their license end up dropping hours, quitting a 2nd job, or getting fired due to transportation challenges. This, in turn, only makes it more impossible to afford to get your license back. Thus, there is often a vicious cycle that can keep someone from having a driver’s license for a long time.

Proposed Bill for Restricted License

NJ legislators have proposed a bill that will attempt to help some individuals who have suspended licenses keep their jobs. Senate Bill 654 would amend the law to allow people with license suspensions due to traffic points or unpaid fees to obtain a restricted license to get to work, school, child care, and other important obligations. This would allow people to keep earning a living so they have a better chance of affording their fines and surcharges when they are able to get their licenses back.

There will be serious penalties for violating the restrictions of the license, so anyone who does obtain a restricted license should be careful to obey the conditions. In addition, people who lost their license due to a DWI case will not be eligible for the restricted license. Overall, however, if the law passes, the restricted license program can help many people in NJ.

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