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Reckless driving puts people in danger, even causing death in some cases. Most states in the US have strict laws surrounding reckless driving. New Jersey, of course, takes it seriously. New Jersey has some of the most rigid traffic laws in the United States. For this reason, New Jersey drivers should remain especially careful. Below you’ll find the basic steps that you can take to avoid a reckless driving charge.

Understand Reckless Driving

The first thing that you should do is take some time to understand what reckless driving means. Once you’ve learned some information, you’ll know how to avoid unlawful driving. First, it’s important to understand that New Jersey doesn’t list specific behaviors that count as reckless driving. Instead, New Jersey defines reckless driving as purposely driving in a way that endangers other people. However, accidentally driving this way could result in a careless driving charge instead. A lot of different behaviors can fall under this umbrella. Generally, the first thing you should remember is to drive with safety in mind.

Don’t Drive While Angry

Listen, we’ve seen New Jersey traffic during rush hour. We all know how irritating it can be just to get home from work in this state. Still, try to keep your emotions in check while driving. Remember that reckless driving is any type of driving that willfully puts people in danger. This means that tailgating, dangerous passing, and other types of aggressive behaviors fit into the category. When are you most likely to engage in these behaviors? When you’re angry. Therefore, whenever possible, wait to drive until you’re in a more peaceful state of mind.

Leave Early

Other reckless driving behaviors can happen when you’re late. Sometimes, people try to avoid being late by taking reckless measures. For example, they run red lights, pass illegally, and speed excessively to get where they’re going. However, you can avoid the temptation to do these things, and put yourself in a calmer mood, by leaving earlier than you think you need to leave. If you give yourself some extra wiggle room, then some unexpected traffic or a slow driver won’t rattle you.

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