Traffic Violations

New Jersey Attorney and the Point System

Drivers in New Jersey get points for various traffic violations. These points come with consequences and can increase insurance premiums. However, different points are assigned based on the violation. For example, failing to yield to pedestrians gives drivers two points, while driving 30 mph or more over the speed limit gives drivers five points. If you have points on your license, seek out the help of a New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin. He can help you understand the consequences and help to get your points eliminated. Read on for three things you need to know about the New Jersey point system.

Different Point Levels and Different Consequences

If you receive too many points, the state will charge surcharges and suspend your driver’s license. Drivers who receive 6 or more points receive surcharges from the state.  In New Jersey, accumulating between 12 and 15+ points leads to license suspension for 30 days. Sometimes the suspension can be revoked if the driver takes a driver improvement course. If the driver takes the course but then has another violation within a year, the license will be suspended 45 days for the first offense and 90 days for the second. Also, another interesting fact is that New Jersey drivers will receive 2 points for each out of state traffic violation.

Insurance Points and Increased Premiums

Another consequence of getting points is that insurance premiums can increase. It depends on the insurance company, but typically premiums can be increased between $100 and $200 per year for 3 years for each point that is accumulated.

New Jersey Attorney and Point Elimination

Fortunately, these points don’t have to stay on your record forever. Each year that you don’t have a violation, 3 points are removed from your record. Taking a defensive driving course will eliminate 2 points off your record.

Receiving points on your driving record can be frustrating. Over time these points can add up and cause you to owe money and eventually lose your license. Points also affect insurance premiums causing them to increase. Fortunately, points can be eliminated over time by maintaining a safe driving record without further violations. Drivers can also enroll in a defensive driver’s course to get additional points eliminated. If you have received points on your record and are not sure what to do, a New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin can help. Call Leon Matchin today at (833) 732-7320, or contact him via email at for more information about the services he can provide.

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