New Jersey attorney

Going to court in New Jersey can feel scary and overwhelming. There are many levels to the court system, and it can be difficult to understand and navigate. A New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin help his clients understand their charges and which level of court they will be placed in. Read on for more information about a New Jersey attorney and help with the New Jersey court system.

Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is the lowest court in the state of New Jersey. In this court, the judge alone is the one who hears and decides cases. The Municipal Court can send a defendant to jail for up to 6 months and can also give penalties such as suspending licenses and imposing fines.

Superior Court

The Superior Court handles any appeals from the Municipal Court. This court is also known as the County Court. The Superior Court is broken down into three sections: the criminal court, the family court, and the civil court.

Criminal Court

The Criminal Court is where all cases are handled by the County Prosecutor and the Superior Court Judge. These trials have a jury.

Family Court

The Family Court is where marriage related matters such as divorces are handled. Juvenile delinquency cases are also handled here.

Civil Court

If a case involving individuals or companies suing each other for money, it will go to the Civil Court. These trials include issues like injuries from accidents and breaches of contracts. The Civil Court has a small claims sector when damages are less than $3,000. The Special Civil Part of the Civil Court is for trials where the damages are between $3,000 and $15,000. The Civil Part of the Civil Court sees trials where damages are greater than $15,000. 

Next Steps with New Jersey Attorney

If a case is appealed in the Superior Court, then it moves on to the Appellate Division. Appeals from the Appellate Division are then taken up with the Supreme Court in New Jersey.

There are so many different rules about which courts take on which cases and what happens when a case is appealed. If you have received a charge and are heading to court, it is important that you immediately contact a New Jersey attorney. They will be able to walk you through the court case process and understand which court will be hearing your trial. For more information about the New Jersey court system, call Leon Matchin today at 732-887-2479, or contact him via email at [email protected].