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Common Charges Faced By Minors

New Jersey attorney Leon Matchin sees several charges that minors receive more frequently. These include possession of alcohol, driving without a license, and shoplifting. As a minor, it can be overwhelming to get in trouble with the law and be charged with something that could potentially end up on a permanent record. As a minor, it is so important to call New Jersey attorney Leon Matchin. An attorney can work with you through the process to try to get your charges reduced or dismissed. Here are three common charges faced by minors.

Possession of Alcohol

The legal drinking age is 21. As a result, if a minor is charged with possession of alcohol this is a criminal offense. In addition, if the minor is caught buying alcohol or having it in a public place, they will be charged. The penalties are hefty. First, there is a minimum fine of $500. Also, the minor can also be incarcerated for up to 6 months. The charge will also go on their criminal record. If vehicles were involved, their driver’s license will also be suspended.

Driving Without a License

Another common charge faced by minors is driving without a license. Sometimes kids will drive with only their permit or even without any license at all. As a result, there are several penalties associated with this charge. First, the driver will get a surcharge of $100 per year for 3 years. Second, they will be fined up to $500. Third, they may have to stay in jail for up to 60 days. 


A third common charge for minors is shoplifting. This is when someone takes an object outside of a store without paying or tries to alter the price tag. Because of this, the penalty depends on the value of the item that was shoplifted. In New Jersey, shoplifting items over $75,000 is grounds for a second-degree offense. In addition, a third-degree offense is given for items valued between $500 and $75,000. Finally, a fourth-degree offense is given for items that are valued between $200 and $500. Shoplifting charges also come with fines and jail time. Also, depending on the value of the item, the charge can range from a disorderly persons offense all the way up to a second-degree felony. 

Contact A New Jersey Attorney

As a minor, getting in trouble with the law can be terrifying. Minors dread having a mark on their permanent record, paying fines, and facing jail time. However, remember you are not alone! A New Jersey attorney, like Leon Matchin, is very experienced in helping minors get their charges reduced or dropped. Call Leon at (833) 732-7320 or contact him via email at for more information about how he can help with charges for a minor.

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