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Hiring A New Jersey Attorney For A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Most personal injury lawsuits are the result of car accidents. Unfortunately, due to certain laws in New Jersey such as the “no-fault” rule and the “lawsuit limitation,” injured parties often feel like they are stuck and have no options. Luckily, a New Jersey attorney like Leon Matchin can help you understand your options. Here are a few benefits of getting a lawyer for a personal injury.

Understanding the “No-Fault” Rule

New Jersey has a “no-fault” rule which means that the injured party’s auto insurance pays for all of the medical treatment, even if it was someone else’s fault. This means that if you are rear-ended and get a concussion, your insurance company covers the bills even though it was not your fault. This is a tough rule for people who do not have strong insurance policies. It can cause many people to end up owing a lot of money out of pocket when the injuries are not their fault.

“Lawsuit Limitation”

New Jersey also has something called a “lawsuit limitation.” The limitation states that those injured in car accidents cannot file a lawsuit unless a physician has declared that the injuries are permanent and cannot be cured. The tricky part of this limitation is that injuries can be severe and life-changing, but not necessarily permanent. For example, an accident could lead to broken bones, surgery, physical therapy, and more.  While technically the injury may be treatable, it still causes a lot of physical and mental pain and financial hardships. This is another area where a New Jersey attorney can help you.

Understanding the Monetary Equivalent to the Injury

In many cases, people who experience a personal injury may not understand exactly how much money that injury will cost them. They might not think of the additional costs beyond medical bills, such as lost wages, loss of potential future income, and rehab costs. At the time of a personal injury, it is very difficult for an individual to assign a monetary value to the injury. This is where an attorney comes into play. They can help you figure out the costs associated with the injury and advise you how to proceed.

How A New Jersey Attorney Can Help

Suffering a personal injury can be very scary and overwhelming. On top of the physical and emotional pain can also come steep medical bills.  Fortunately, a New Jersey attorney such as Leon Matchin can help. He is experienced and well-versed in the area of personal injury lawsuits.  He can help you through the process and understand your options. Call Leon at (833) 732-7320 or contact him via email at for more information about how he can help with a personal injury lawsuit.

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