Expungement in NJWe all make mistakes.  Unfortunately, for some people, a past mistake has resulted in the creation of a criminal record that can prevent them from getting a job, renting an apartment, or pursuing a career. Fortunately, in some cases, your criminal record can be expunged, makes it inaccessible to almost any party that looks for it and allows you to deny the existence of a criminal record. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding New Jersey expungements.  For more information or for advice about your case, call an attorney today.

Is my Record Eligible for Expungement in NJ?

Of course, the first thing that people who are considering an expungement want to know is whether their record is eligible.  Unfortunately, as with many things related to the law, it is impossible to give a simple answer without a thorough analysis of your situation.  Notably, one common type of record that people wish to expunge is a DWI conviction – unfortunately, under New Jersey law, DWI convictions are not expungable. This is because the expungement statute only applies to offenses and crimes, and DWIs are classified as a motor vehicle offense rather than a crime.

What is the Process of Obtaining an Expungement in NJ?

Without going into overwhelming detail, the process of obtaining an expungement involves petitioning the court with jurisdiction over your case to grant an expungement, and if it is granted, informing various state agencies about the expungement. It requires that you track down the information regarding your arrest and any court records that may exist and filing a significant amount of paperwork with the court.

Do I Need an Attorney to Obtain an Expungement in NJ?

While there is no law that people who are seeking an expungement hire an attorney, the complicated nature of the expungement process makes it highly advisable to do so. When you retain a lawyer, he or she will first determine whether your records are eligible for expungement, and, if they are, file the appropriate paperwork with the court ensure that the expungement is effective.

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If you have a criminal record that is keeping from living the life you want, expungement may be able to help. The process can be complicated, however, so it is important for anyone who is considering seeking an expungement to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. To learn whether your record may be eligible for expungement, call New Jersey Lawyer Leon Matchin today at 732-662-7658.