Do Crime Rates increase in the Summer Months?

As we hit the height of summer, many people flock to the Jersey Shore for some fun and relaxation on the beach. However, some people may be going down the shore with other motivations in mind – to cash in through illegal activity. Large crowds full of distracted people make it tempting for some to try to steal wallets, phones, or other valuable items when the owners are not looking.

Not everyone who violates the law in the summer months on The Shore arrives with the intentions of doing so, however. The heat of summer mixed with partying crowds can create a prime environment for various criminal offenses. It should be no surprise, then, that the crime rate in the area does increase as the crowds come in the summer months.

The crimes committed can range from relatively minor to severe, however, there are potential penalties for all violations of New Jersey law. Some examples of common offenses that may occur on The Shore in the summer include the following:

While there is an increase in arrests, most of them are for minor offenses. However, offenders still face fines, probation, and other consequences if they are charged. More serious offenses regularly happen throughout the entire year in Atlantic City, where crimes tend to involve theft, grand theft auto, assaults, and even murders.

You can bet that law enforcement officers will be ready and waiting to arrest anyone they suspect of criminal activity on the Jersey Shore. In fact, police departments in the area call in special forces for the season. These officers often have limited training yet can still make arrests. Whether an arrest is due to theft, alcohol offenses, sexual offenses, or any other criminal accusations, you should take any resulting case extremely seriously and should immediately call an experienced NJ criminal defense lawyer for help.

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