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NJ Bill Changes Driver’s License Renewal

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Recently, NJ Governor, Chris Christie –  who was on a bit of a legislative roll – signed 50 bills into law. Two of these bills significantly affect both motor vehicle registrations and driver’s license renewals. These changes allow that motor vehicle registrations will now expire each year on the registrant’s date of birth and that driver’s licenses will expire every four years on the licensee’s date of birth – rather than on the last day of the month that these documents were issued.

NJ Bill Changes Driver’s License Renewal

The State’s Reasoning

This change is slated to help alleviate the desperate push and even more desperate lines that are the result of current mass deadlines that pop up at the end of each month. To end the one-size-fits-all deadline dilemma and to spread customer visits out over each month’s entirety, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) is trying a new approach. The state hopes to relieve the mounting frustration that’s often associated with the MVC and to restore its good reputation, which – at best – has become synonymous with agonizingly long, slow lines.

The state opines that there is simply no reason to allow everyone’s registration to expire on the same day each month. Though the MVC is, of course, open throughout the month, people – human nature being what it is – tend to swarm it at the end of each month (as deadlines loom). By staggering the renewal dates, the MVC can reduce congestion and increase efficiency. Who even knew that was possible?

Past the Expiration Date

These are the kind of legislative changes, however, that – until New Jersians acclimate to them – can lead to expired plates and driver’s licenses. Don’t wait until your loved ones are gathered around you singing happy birthday to you. In the future, if you haven’t renewed your driver’s license by your birthday, you could be gifted with an expired license. For now, whatever expiration date is on your license is valid. It’s driver’s licenses that are issued in the future that will come equipped with staggered expiration dates.

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