Sleep Deprivation and DUIsDriving while exhausted is dangerous. Driving under the influence is dangerous. When you combine the two, the danger becomes even more pronounced. This can be true even for those driver’s whose blood alcohol content (BAC) is below the legal cutoff. A small recent scientific study conducted at the Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience in Australia suggests that drivers experiencing sleep deprivation who also imbibe in even moderate amounts of alcohol can experience significant impairment.

The Sleep Deprivation and Drinking Study

This study was conducted on just a small sampling of young men, but it concluded that the combination of only about five hours of sleep per night and moderate alcohol consumption can lead to more pronounced drowsiness and more driving deficits than either produces on its own. The combined effects of these two factors were shown to last for about two to three hours.

Suggestions Arising from the Research

The researchers conclude that no amount of alcohol is a safe amount when it comes to driving while under the influence of sleep deprivation (that’s caused by either poor or not enough sleep or by being awake when you’d normally be asleep). In other words, sleepy drivers should avoid drinking alcohol. Furthermore, if you need to drive, squeeze in a nap to revive yourself before hitting the road. Research firmly supports that alcohol can hamper your motor coordination and your decision-making and critical thinking skills. Sleep, on the other hand, is scientifically linked to increased distraction and delayed reaction times. When these elements are mixed and matched in drivers, they can lead to dangerous combinations.

Drivers Beware

If you’re drowsy, think twice before having a drink, and if you’re also going to get behind the wheel, give that drink a pass. Combining droopy eyes with a drink can be deadly. If you drive on too little sleep and a drink or two, you very well may be stopped by the police, who can pull you over for exhibiting overt signs of intoxication – such as those that can be brought on by combining drowsiness with a drink.

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