unlicensed driver attorney

When a police officer pulls you over, the first thing they ask for is your license and registration. If you do not have a license, this could cause a lot of problems for you – both now and in the future. Before you go to court or pay any fines, hire an unlicensed driver attorney. They will help you understand your options and fully prepare for any consequences.

Driving with An Expired or Suspended License

You should never drive with an expired or suspended license. If you’re charged for driving without a license but have held a license before, you could face penalties like a surcharge of $100 per year for 3 total years and up to $500 in fines. If your license is suspended, being caught driving could cause you more trouble and possibly increase the amount of time your license will stay suspended. It is better to keep your license current and wait out any suspension before you get behind the wheel of a car.

Driving without Ever Having A License

The only times an unlicensed person can drive are when they hold a permit for driving with a licensed driver. In addition, they can drive while participating in an instructional driving course. Any other time, an unlicensed driver will face a minimum of $200 in fines. They will also have a 6-month inability to apply for a license. This is along with the penalties listed above. Because of this, you need to get a driver’s license before driving a car.

Driving with an Out-of-State License

An unlicensed driver attorney may be able to help if you’ve been charged for driving without a license while you hold an out-of-state license. In the state of New Jersey, you must get a New Jersey license after you move. This is even if your out-of-state license hasn’t expired. Because of this law, you can be charged as unlicensed if you are pulled over with an out-of-state license. However, with the help of an unlicensed driver attorney, you may be able to prove that you did not know of the rule. You may also state you had no reason to believe that driving with your out-of-state license was against the law. Using this defense, your case may be dismissed.

How an Unlicensed Driver Attorney Can Help

Hire an unlicensed driver attorney to help with any court appearance. Your attorney can reduce the charges or even get your case dismissed. Because of the complications involved, someone who knows the full extent of the law can explain to you what is going on. If you have been charged with driving without a license, call the Law Offices of Leon Matchin. You can speak to Leon Matchin at 732-887-2479, or email him at [email protected].